6:19 PM

Cake pricing and cake information

All of my cakes are made with fresh ingredients, never boxed or canned icing. I take time to listen to my customers and provide the best cakes that I can. Most of the cakes are made with layers of sponge cake ( your choice of flavors) and layers of cream filling ( also your choice).

Sponge cake flavors are: vanilla, chocolate, marble, Red velvet, pecan or walnut.

Cream fillings flavors are: Vanilla , Chocolate ( Milk, Dark or White), Caramel, Coffee,Pecans or Walnuts, Coconut, Fruit flavors, Cream cheese,Banana and so on,.

8 inch round -$35
9 inch round -$55
10 inch round -$65
12 inch round-$75
14 inch round -$95

Please keep in mind that prices may be higher depending on decorations, special ingredients, and any extra add-ins like fresh fruit and so on....

Most of the cakes are European style cakes. Cakes have just enough sweetnes.
For all information please contact me at amratojaga@gmail.com

6:15 PM

European style apple cake

6:12 PM

Vanilla cream cake

6:10 PM

Vanila and chocolate bundt cake

6:08 PM

Caramel pecan cake

Engagement present

6:04 PM

Dirt cake

A nice surprise for a child's birthday. Bucket filled with cookie crumbles,
pudding, cream cheese and whipping cream. After you eat it, you still have a bucket and a toy to play with :)

6:02 PM

Race car cake

6:01 PM

1/2 sheet fruit cake

5:58 PM


Nice cookie surprise present for co-workers. On the photo are thumbprint cookies, snickerdoodles , pecan shortbread cookies

5:57 PM

Chocolate hazelnut cake

5:56 PM

Carrot cake

5:55 PM

4th of July cream cheese fruit cake

5:54 PM


Phillo pastry filled with cottage cheese and spinach

5:53 PM

Fruit cake

5:51 PM

Coffee bean flavor truffles

5:50 PM

Crunchy Cheesecake Pastries

5:48 PM

Different flavor pastries....

5:45 PM

Fruit cake

5:42 PM

Different variety of cream mini cakes

5:37 PM

Baklava pastries

Fillo pastries filled with pecan and walnuts and topped with rich syrup..Decorated with ground pistachios.

5:36 PM

Raspberry cream cheese cake

5:35 PM

Halloween witches shortbread cookies....

5:34 PM

Chocolate cake with whipped topping

5:33 PM

Different party cookies....

5:28 PM

Strawberry cream cheese mini cakes

Chocolate flavored sponge cake topped with cream cheese icing, strawberry glaze and whipped topping. Sprinkled with pecans.

5:26 PM

Vanilla and Chocolate cream cake

Decorated with whipped icing and walnuts

5:25 PM

Different variety of cookies for holidays

5:24 PM

Sugar cookies with a chocolate surprise inside....

5:22 PM

Teady bear sugar cookie

Just another cool cookie shape idea for kids parties....

5:21 PM

Chocolate cake with whipped topping

Thomas image

5:19 PM

Vanilla and Chocolate mini cakes with pecan filling.

5:18 PM

Vanilla and Chocolate flavor mini cakes.

5:17 PM

Watermellon shape cookies

Sugar cookie made in shape of a mini watermellon.

5:06 PM

Strawberry Buttercream cake

Strawberry filling cake with Strawberry buttercream and fondant decorations.