9:17 AM

One more bratz doll

Same as the one bellow with different decorations and designs.

9:14 AM

Chess rolls

5:29 PM

Kosnice-Bee hive

Outside made with pecans, coconut, graham crackers, butter and sugar. Inside rich chocolate buttercream with coffee flavor.

11:07 AM

Tulumba dessert

Tulumba dessert is actually just another dessert with syrup. It is usually crunchy on the crust - depending on the size - and moist on the inside. Like the funnel cake, it is cooked in hot oil with the help of a funnel or piping bag.

1:01 PM


The delicate, flaky dough, made with cream cheese and sweet butter, encloses a filling made with fruits and nuts, blended with a hint of cinnamon.

1:00 PM

Hi-Hat cupcakes

Rich chocolate cupcakes, topped with marshmallow cream and covered with melted milk chocolate.

2:08 PM

Flower biscuits

Home-made tea biscuits half dipped into coffee flavored chocolate.

1:40 PM

Barbie cake

Za ovu tortu se mora uracunati cijene lutke. Osoba dobiva tortu sa lutkom unutra i odjecu koja je dosla na barbie.

1:38 PM

Soccer ball cake

1:37 PM

Strawberry mousse cake

1:35 PM

Capuccino cake